fleche rouge 3 You must present yourself at the check-in desk situated in the airport terminal so the airline can register your identity and your luggage. You will then get to go to the boarding gate.

For a domestic flight the check-in starts 1h15 before take-off.

For an international flight the check-in starts 2 hours before take-off.


The time limits to check-in are the following ones, according to the airlines:

~ Air France : 30 minutes before take-off
~ EasyJet : 40 minutes before take-off
~ Flybe : 40 minutes before take-off
~ Jet2 : 40 minutes before take-off
~ Ryanair : 40 minutes before take-off


For information, contact Aviapartner : 0892 23 01 03 ​ (cost 0,40€ + call)


fleche rouge 3 Some airlines offer the "web check-in", thanks to which you won't have to stand in line at the airport.

 Attention For Ryanair passengers : Airport check-in is available but charges will apply. Customers who have not checked in online will encounter an airport check in fee. If you have checked in but you have not printed your boarding pass, you will be charged for the boarding pass reissue fee.








Information subject to change without notice. Please contact airline companies.


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