fleche rouge 3 You must present yourself at the check-in desk situated in the airport terminal so the airline can register your identity and your luggage. You will then get to go to the boarding gate.

For a domestic flight the check-in starts 1 hour before take-off.

For an international flight the check-in starts 2 hours before take-off.


The time limits to check-in are the following ones, according to the airlines:

~ HOP : 30 minutes before take-off
~ Ryanair : 40 minutes before take-off
~ Flybe : 30 minutes before take-off
~ EasyJet : 40 minutes before take-off



For information, contact Aviapartner : 0892 23 01 03


fleche rouge 3 Some airlines offer the "web check-in", thanks to which you won't have to stand in line at the airport.

 Attention Caution! With Ryanair the online check-in is compulsory.








Information subject to change without notice. Please contact airline companies.


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