Bagages 2Your name, surname and address must be clearly written on your luggage (on a sticker or a ribbon...) It is strictly forbidden to accept any bags or packages from anyone, as well as to leave your luggage unattended.

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Size and weight of your luggage

The size and weight of the authorized luggage varies according to the airlines. For more details please contact your airline.


Hand luggage

Only one hand luggage is authorized in cabin on all flights. They must fit in the luggage rack or under the seat in the plane.

For safety reasons and according to national and international laws, it is forbidden to carry dangerous items with you.

fleche rouge 3Here is a non exhaustive list of prohibited items:

Are prohibited in checked baggage:
- Firearms, toys, copies and imitation firearms;
- Sharp knives and instruments;
- Blunt objects: bat baseball, skateboarding, sticks ...;
- Chemical and biological substances;
- Liquids, aerosols, gels and pastes in containers of more than 100ml (drinks, mineral water, soup, perfume, lotion, shower gel, toothpaste, deodorant, foundation, mascara ...)
However, you can:
- Make travel in the hold, taking care to place them in your luggage before you register them
- Take them in the cabin if:

o      you strictly adhere to the regulations: they must be collected in a transparent plastic bag closed with a maximum capacity of one liter (20x20cm or 18x22cm), packaging of each product can not exceed a capacity of 100 ml;
o       where it is essential to the person in containers of more than 100ml, that they are to be used during the trip and meet a special medical or dietary requirement, including baby food (covers cases of allergies (lactose, gluten ...) and diseases (diabetes ...) that require specific foods without which the passenger's health is threatened.

Put your liquids separately from your cabin baggage so that they are inspected during your visit at the security checkpoint. Exceptionally, security officers may have to open the bottles or vials to control the content and for safety reasons, the liquid may be refused payload.

See regulations for liquids gels and aerosols here.
See the regulations regarding prohibited items here.


Checked luggage

For safety reasons and according to national and international laws, it is forbidden to carry dangerous items in your check luggage.

Here is a non exhaustive list of prohibited items:

- explosives, ammunitions, inflammable liquids and corrosive products
- neutralising or incapacitating articles

fleche rouge 3 For more details about luggage restrictions, you can contact the DGAC (Direction Générale de l'Aviation Civile):


Information subject to change without notice. Please contact airline companies.


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