Do you want to overlook a breathtaking seaside panorama? Facing the Ile de Ré, the Ile d’Aix, Fort Boyard, Oléron …

Our company, approved by the DGAC, made up of dynamic and attentive professionals, welcomes you to our parachute jumping areas of La Rochelle, Île de Ré and Île d’Oléron.

Discover our price offers online and live an unforgettable experience!

As we are not a jump factory, you will calmly learn your positions when exiting a plane, in free fall and on landing, then you will launch in free fall at 200 km / h securely attached to your instructor by a harness .

Booking is recommended

Helicopter airline

Héliberté is a helicopter airline company that offers:

  • Helicopter tours (La Rochelle, Ile de Ré, Fort Boyard and many others …)
  • The boarding of photographers and cameramen for aerial shots
  • First flights
  • Private flights with lunch stopover
  • Taxi flights

Booking is recommended

Flying club

Aunis Air – Aéroclub des pertuis

05 46 42 22 08

Aunis Air – Aéroclub des pertuis offers:

  • first flights and aerial walks
  • introductory piloting flights
  • private license training: Light aircraft pilot license (LAPL) and Private pilot license (PPL)

Aunis Air also offers activities for professionals: Airlines Tourism Management

Flying club

Aeroclub de La Rochelle et Charente-Maritime (ACLR)

05 46 42 54 74

Association affiliated to the French Aeronautical Federation, the Aéroclub de La Rochelle and Charente Maritime offers:

  • For all ages, discovery flights over the Ile de Ré and introductory piloting flights – Booking is recommended
  • The practice of recreational piloting for licensed pilots
  • Learning and training for Private Pilot licenses: Basic Brevet (BB), Private Pilot License (PPL)
  • Development for pilots: Night flying, Preparation for the English Language Radiotelephony Qualification
  • Preparation for the Aeronautical Initiation Certificate (BIA) for middle school, high school and college students

Piloting simulation – Virtual flying club

Grand Ouest Aviation Club

CGOA – Club Grand Ouest Aviation – the first virtual flying club in France, affiliated to the French Aeronautical Federation, offers:

  • Flight discovery on a flight simulator, more than ten simulators available
  • Simulated discovery flight around La Rochelle airport or any other platform
  • Piloting, in simulation, of the flying club type DR400 up to the large Boeing aircraft and in particular the B777, all entirely carried out by the members of the association
  • Discovery of air traffic control thanks to the organization of network flights
  • BIA training, Aeronautical Initiation Certificate
  • Desensitization of fear in an airplane

We are currently carrying out a study (general composition plan) to organize the siting of new buildings, in order to respond to companies wishing to develop or establish themselves in the airport area.